Most of us at some point have heard a quote related to how fast time flies, and we all know too well, that it is nothing but the truth.

For that reason, we asked ourselves one day: If not now, when?

The answer was quite obvious, we agreed that our time is now.

At that precise moment, we decided to call our brand Maintenant or MNTNT for short, which means now in French.

Long are the days gone of should have, could have, would have, our dreams no longer have to live in our minds. We can make our dreams reality, so that’s precisely what we did.

We knew that we wanted to make something fun, trendy, true to the core of what we believe in.

We waited no longer and as the name of our brand states, began to design with love and an unstoppable passion almost immediately.

We established our brand in 2018 in the heart of Germany, our beloved home country.

With a true dedication from the bottom of our hearts, we set out to look into a new and exciting journey.

Welcome to MNTNT, where you will find a new perspective into the future of fashion, leisurewear and sports.

Because don’t forget your time is also now.